Fuck u Christmas

I need to vent, because otherwise I would ruin my friends Holiday spirit. I hate Christmas and this Year takes it to a whole new Level. My Dad had a stroke and I am the only Person taking care of him while he makes it impossible to go to the Hospital. He cannot use half his body and slept the whole day. Fucking Happy Holidays Everyone. I sure wont have anything to celebrate.

So Gay Marriage and Weed have been approved by this Years election in the States. Wow, for once the Bible got it right in Leviticus “If a Man sleeps with another Man, he should be stoned”. Looks like we just got this one wrong all these Years. :P

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney | The Simpsons | Animation on Fox (by ANIMATIONonFOX)

Am I the only one that smells that something is wrong with this? This is shown under the name of a Republican Television Channel. I dont know why exactly, but something wrong is going on here. Why did they sign off on this?

TENGA - Eggs (by eropartner)

Can you figure out what those Eggs are for before the commercial tells you?

Just to warn you, you have never seen a Egg being used like that! XD

Breaking News: Anderson Cooper is Gay

… in other Breaking News, Water is wet!


It is really awesome what People can come up with. This song is pretty catchy, now one of my new Faves! :D

Once you lost yourself it is hard to get back to it, but nothing is impossible. so never forgett that.

Hot Problems (official single) - Double Take (by OldBaileyProductions)

I officially apologize to Rebecca Black, these Girls are ten times worse.

Dont belief me? I Dare you to listen to the whole song.

Atheist? Theist? Agnostic? Deist? What am I?

I found myself researching recently various religions and while I went from Atheist to nowhereland I learned alot that I would like to share.

As for the various groups like the Title suggests we have Atheists, Theists, Agnostics and Deists. Alot of confusion is rampant about these groups so let me try to clear things up. I know those are not religions, but there are a uncountable amount of them and it makes no sense listing them when they all have the same meaning.

Atheists think there is no God and that reality as it is with Time and Space always existed or is in a loop. The explanations I get differ and mostly go the Agnostic direction and I will get to that in a secound.

Theists think there is a God and strive to please him.

Deists think there is a God, but thats it.

Agnostics simply dont know

I am not kidding. Agnosticism only means “not knowing”. So you can claim that you dont know all you want, but you must have some opinions and thats where it becomes clear you might just belong to the other side.

Now if People say being Agnostic is the right way to go is actually not so bad, since you can belief in a Religion and still say you dont know if it is true or the right one. Therefor making you a Agnostic Theist.

Just as a Atheist can say that they dont know and still belief that there is no God. And that would be a Agnostic Atheist obviously.

Deists on the other hand say there is a God but thats it. That kind of is my position right now and I get to that in a secound. Deism means that God does not intervene with the functioning of the natural world in any way, allowing it to run according to the laws of nature that he configured when he created all things.

Thats where I get lost in the whole debate. I am with the Deists so far as to something created the Universe and thats it, but I would not go as far as giving that event credit for our being. For me the beginning of Space/Time is a Event that we can only theorise about and something so complex and powerful is not really the result of something intelligent intervening rather than another marble thats rolling in the cosmic roullette that is far beyond our current understanding.

So I dont know if that makes the Deists want to attack me too, because ever since I uttered the comment “I belief in some God and nothing more” on a Video I got into a discussion that led me to this.

With this Blogpost I simply want to make the point that nobody of us can honestly claim to know and all this uninformed discussing over beliefs are not going to go anywhere. What our World needs is People that think with reason.

Any comments?